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A grease pump is an apparatus used to apply grease to industrial machinery. Grease pumps are used in manufacturing and automotive applications. Smaller pumps can transport a few pounds of grease, whereas larger units hold up to 400 pounds. Where oil is not permitted, grease is a common alternative lubricant. Grease is applied where oil may leak and impact other parts of the machinery, building, or construction site. Read More…

Grease Pump Grease pumps work together with the reservoir and filter to lubricate machinery. The pump moves the lubricant along the system and into areas that need lubrication.
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Rockford, IL  |  800-577-7895

When it comes to grease dispensers we are the experts! It is our goal that we provide the highest quality custom products in the industry to ensure that we achieve full customer satisfaction every time. We are committed to providing quick turnaround times in order to get your products back to you so we may assist you in keeping your business moving along! Fill out the easy contact form on our website or call us today to get started!

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LSP Industries, Inc. $$$

Charlotte, NC  |  844-660-6876

Lumax has proudly served the professional Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, Hardware, and Retail Markets with quality lubrication products for over two decades. Our well-engineered Grease Guns, Pumps, Funnels, Drains, Fittings, Filter Wrenches, and Accessories are the results of years of ongoing research and development; while working alongside our customers to exceed industry standards and our customer's needs in lubrication and fluid management equipment.

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Lumax, LLC $$$

Houston, TX  |  713-644-1164

DUALCO, a Houston, Texas U.S.A. based company has been manufacturing quality products since 1960. DUALCO’s primary focus is manufacturing “handheld” lubrication and packing devices. All grease guns, couplers, fittings, and nozzle accessories available from DUALCO have a proven history of quality performance and are well suited to meet requirements for a wide variety of applications.

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DUALCO Inc. $$$

Wixom, MI  |  800-941-9450

Welcome to J. Dedoes, manufacturer & distributor of sealant, adhesive & lubrication dispensing equipment. We offer a broad range of quality, Brand name products not limited to Graco, Loctite, Axson Construction Products and more. Additional services bring you an authorized warranty repair center for all Graco products, a full machine shop, custom filling and a pickup and delivery service system.

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J. Dedoes Inc. $$$

Glenmoore, PA  |  610-942-4861

Our lubricating systems cannot be beat! We have been producing high quality products since we first opened our doors and this is a tradition that we strive to continue long into the future! We have made it our mission to fulfill all of our customers industrial lubrication needs. We have the knowledge and the quality products to provide you with a low and competitive pricing plan in order to better serve you. Visit our website today!

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Bartco Tech $$$
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grease pump

Grease is a non-liquid lubricant, which blends soap and oil, and has a higher viscosity than oil. Grease pump designs can adapt to various grease points and grease consistencies used in industrial facilities. Every grease point may need a different amount and consistency; therefore, manufacturers should consider all available pump options to avoid using excess grease.

Types of Grease Pumps

Air Operated Grease pumps

Air-operated grease pumps use compressed air to power the air compressor. This activates the grease pump to extract the butter and then pressurizes the butter into the oil injection hole. This requires upkeep and lubrication with the grease gun. The operation is also very straightforward, making it the first choice for many industries that need lubrication, including transportation, ports, building, power, chemical, auto repair, and metallurgy industries.

Pneumatic grease pump

Numerous systems for lubricating things with grease or other substances can employ pneumatic pumps. A pneumatic grease pump must produce constant air pressure to force thick grease through the lines. Most pumps have an oil-resistant rubber gasket and a light alloy piston. The hardening and lapping of this steel piston lower the possibility of damage as it circulates grease throughout a system.

A steel body encases the piston. While some pumps are small and can be mounted on machinery easily, others are huge and need their place on the shop floor. A pneumatic pump is a fantastic alternative if one already has compressed air available in their facility or equipment. Additionally, if there is already an air compressor, these lubrication pumps use less electricity.

pneumatic grease pump

Electric grease pump

An electric grease pump is made of a stainless steel or transparent reservoir, metering devices, and a control system. Larger machines may include a pre-filling system to supply oil to the pumps from a central place. The oil reservoir is transparent, so operators can quickly determine how much oil is available. A filter ensures that only pure lubricant reaches the reservoir. A rubber plunger seal above the lubricant prevents air from entering the pumping system.

electric grease pump

Hydraulic Grease Pump

The optimal option for a central lubrication system is a hydraulic grease pump if the equipment already has a hydraulic circuit. These pumps deliver grease to grease spots in the machinery, and they can be linked to a conventional hydraulic line to use the power already present. Although it is used in other industries, the mining sector uses hydraulic grease pumps the most.

Benefits of Grease pumps

  • Effective lubrication: Manual grease guns are labor and time intensive. Instead of wasting critical time and effort lubricating every piece of equipment, employ a multi-point central lubrication system to apply the right amount of grease to every spot that needs it.
  • Superior holding capacity: Manufacturers can keep hundreds of pounds of grease in a reservoir. This function alone can save the maintenance crew much time.
  • A centralized system allows manufacturers to add oxidation inhibitors and anti-wear compounds to the grease. These additives extend the grease's shelf life and minimize abrasion.
  • Cost-effective performance: A grease pump system can be a fantastic way for any organization to cut costs after making the initial investment. Not only will time be saved, but daily operations will require less grease.

What to Consider When Selecting Grease Pumps

Manufacturers should analyze how much grease is required for each grease point in the machinery or facility. Additionally, it's important to count the grease points and measure their separation from one another. This information will be used to calculate the system pressure needed to adequately lubricate the equipment's essential locations.

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