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Lubricating systems are used to apply calculated amounts of lubricant to machinery in order to prevent wear from friction. Lubricating systems are vital to manufacturing and industrial companies. Moving or rotating parts of machinery, such as dies, chains, spindles, pumps, cables, rails, bearings and gears, need to be lubricated in order to run smoothly and reliably.

Many different types of lubricating systems may be used in the same industrial plant in order to keep the assembly line moving without hitch. To ensure effective operation, most moving parts require regular lubrication. Thankfully, there is a vast variety of lubricating systems to ensure that every piece of machinery is thoroughly lubricated. Air lubricators, for instance, supply lubrication and filtration to compressed air lines. These lubricators are often built into the line itself, providing constant lubrication to power tools and other mechanisms. Chain oilers, on the other hand, are units that dispense measured amounts of lubricant along the length of a chain or rail. Both of these systems can be automatic, running by way of preset programs rather then individual manual attention. Such systems are cost effective and more productive, and therefore very popular in the industry. Another automatic system is the central lubrication. This system, which also often attaches itself to the machine it lubricates, is able to cover more then one part of a machine at once. Other systems include gas pumps and constant level oilers.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Devco® Corporation

Parsippany, NJ | 800-323-3826

As a single source lubrication system provider, Devco® leads the industry in quality and service. We have decades of experience in the industry, so we can take on your lubrication projects with ease. We supply industrial lubrication pumps, machine oilers, spray lubricators, mist lubricators, chain lubrication devices, and so much more. Come to Devco® for all of your industrial lubricating needs! Give us a call or visit our website to see how we can serve you!

Bijur Delimon International

Morrisville, NC | 800-631-0168

Here at Bijur Delimon International, we aim to bring you the very best lubricating systems. We design and manufacture all kinds of fluid dispensing and lubrication products, including positive displacement injectors, single point lubrication systems, dualine systems, and many specialty systems. As a global leader in the lubrication systems industry and with our exceptional manufacturing capabilities, we can create a solution for you! Connect with us today!

Western Pump

San Diego, CA | 888-239-9988

At Western Pump, it is our mission to provide the best customer service, unsurpassed quality, and competitive prices on all of our lubrication systems and services. As a fully-integrated lubrication systems firm, we can work with you to design and construct the right lubrication system for your application requirements. View our complete service offering on our website, and get in touch with us to discuss your applications!


Grand Rapids, MI | 800-253-5462

UNIST is devoted to keeping your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. As a leader in the design and manufacture of Minimum Quantity Lubrication solutions, we can create a high quality lubrication system while still helping you save money. Simple or complex, we have the technical expertise and knowledge to find a cost-effective lubricating solution for you! Visit our website or call us to learn more about our impressive capabilities.

The two major types of lubrication employed by these systems are grease and oil. Grease is a semisolid lubricant that in essence is a combination of mineral or vegetable oil and soap, not animal fat like other types of grease. They are utilized in industries that require infrequent lubrication of machines that therefore require a lube that will stay in place a long time. Grease, with its greater viscosity, will do just that. The other major lubricant is oil, which is a liquid state that does not adhere to surfaces, making it a perfect lube. Mineral oils such as petroleum are best for lubrication, because they do not degenerate nearly as quickly as organic oils do. Lubrication systems are employed in almost every industry that uses mechanical equipment. This includes oilfields, power plants, steel processing companies, the food and beverage industry, printing, mining and industrial manufacturing. The need for lubrication is not specific to these large scale production based industries though; many products that are used everyday by the common middle class American require regular lubrication, including cars and computers.

Oil-Rite Corporation

Oil-Rite Corporation